Walkabout Bollard


**NOTE:  For inground fixtures there will be an extra 6" added onto the bollard for mounting purposes.

This fixture is made of high quality composite plastics that do not corrode, peel or rust and stands up to the harsh salt environment of the oceans. It is intended for use outdoors/wet locations. The bollard may be mounted directly into the ground or with a screw-on ornamental ring for a pad type mounting. For a sturdier solid installation, drill re-bar holes into PVC bollard and insert PVC bollard into cement as deep as needed. Or if required, fill inside of bollard with cement leaving conduits exposed. The "O" ring in the housing makes it water tight. All hardware will not rust as stainless screws are used. The actual fixture size is 6 1/4" wide by 3 1/4". Custom bollard heights are available, call factory for pricing.

The Fluorescent system includes the 120V magnetic ballast(40,000 hours) and lamp(10,000 hours).


****Turtle Safe fixtures are only available in medium base and cannot be over 24"!

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Walkabout Bollard

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